Customer Intelligence & Insights

Customer Intelligence & Insights for Communications

Leverage advanced analytics to deliver a superior customer experience with TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Communications.

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Customer Intelligence & Insights for Banking & Financial Services

Build more loyal profitable customer relationships with TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights Software Solution for Banking & Financial Services.

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Customer Intelligence & Insights for Retail

Improve marketing effectiveness with persona-based segmentation and deliver personalized, contextual and seamless experiences across customers' physical and digital channels.

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Intelligent Urban Exchange

Intelligent Transport

Improve public and multimodal transportation services by collecting and analyzing citizen data, while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.

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Intelligent Water

Monitor every component of your water system and proactively manage water loss ensuring safe, reliable water delivery.

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Intelligent Energy

Improve urban energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint through proactive city energy management and physical loss minimization.

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